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Red Ribbon Week 2019

October 23–31, 2019

Red Ribbon Week was celebrated from Wednesday, October 23rd through Thursday, October 31st. Red Ribbon Week is an important campaign to present a unified and visible commitment against the use/abuse of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco; and for a bully- and violence-free world. The theme for this year's Red Ribbon Week is "Send a message. Stay drug free."

Thursday 10/24​: COLLEGE/CAREER DAY
"My Future is Bright Drug-and Bully-Free!"
Students wore their favorite or future college t-shirt, or dressed in their future career clothing.

Friday 10/25​: I'M A SUPERHERO DAY!
"Superheroes Are Too Super to Do Drugs or Bully Others!"
Students wore their favorite superhero shirts or Reseda shirts!

Monday 10/28​: PAJAMA DAY!
"Follow Your Dreams and Don't Do Drugs or Bully Others!"
Students wore pajamas as they dreamt of a great future without drugs or bullies.

Tuesday 10/29​: WEAR RED DAY!
"We are RED-y to Live a Drug-and Bully-Free Life!"
Students wore as much red as possible to match the red pledges for Red Ribbon Week.

Wednesday 10/30​: TWIN DAY!
"Friends Don't Let Friends Do Drugs or Bully Others!"
Friends dressed alike to show support for each other!

Thursday 10/31​: SCARE AWAY DRUGS DAY!
Students helped scare drugs out of town at our annual Halloween Parade. The Red Ribbon Week Banner signed by all students was on display during the Halloween Parade!