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DIAVOLO Dance Performance

NOVEMBER 28, 2018

Seen by over 95 million people on America's Got Talent, the fearless, athletic daredevils of DIAVOLO | Architecture in Motion® are even more mesmerizing live and in person. Using benches, doors, and ladders, the company builds appreciation for movement by breaking down barriers to dance. Founded by Jacques Heim, DIAVOLO is comprised of performers of varied abilities and training—dancers, gymnasts, rock climbers, and actors. Through trust and collaboration, DIAVOLO illustrates that teamwork is as essential in dance as it is in life.


Their performance tailored to school audience is called "T.R.U.S.T." and explores this quintessential component of the Diavolo aesthetic. Dancers fly, fall, jump, catch, and challenge their personal boundaries using structures such as doors, ladders, and benches as the vehicles for expression their trust in one another. Their newest creation Voyage premiered at The Music Center's Ahmanson Theatre in 2018.

Source: The Music Center